2020 Deer Permits

Posted 2/12/20 (Wed)

For the 2020 Non Tribal Member Deer Season.  All Buck tags will be sold through a lottery. These licenses include:

  • Archery Any Deer
  • Muzzleloader Any Deer
  • Rifle Season 1 Any Deer
  • Rifle Season 2 Any Deer
  • Rifle Season 3 Any Deer.

All Doe permits for archery, muzzleloader, and seasons 1 through 3 can now be purchased directly online.

Lottery Rules:

  • Hunters may apply for all 5 Buck lotteries
  • A hunter may apply up to 5 times per lottery to increase chances.
  • Each lottery entry is $10.00.  All lottery entries are nonrefundable.
  • If a hunter is successfull in more than one lottery, they must only select the the two first choices.  No hunter may have more than two buck tags per season.
  • If a hunter is unsuccessfull in the first round drawing.  Their name will be automatically entered into the second round if there are any unclaimed tags or leftovers.